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Pandith J D Rao analyse the stance of constellations, moon and other celestial bodies based on your information provided, such as date birth, place of birth, etc. Working with him, enable you have a better and more precise understanding of what occupation or profession is right for you.



Pandith J D Rao’s astrological solutions for troubled married life have led many separated partners to understand each other's love and live happily afterwards so remarked as No.1 astrologer in Bangalore. Distressed Married Life Issue Solution Astrologer is well known for its high success rate and supporting nature.




After an extensive and systematic study and review of all the astrological evidence and factors listed in each birth chart, Pandith J D Rao a best astrologer in Bangalore gives astrological solutions for genetic variation problems after calculation. The birth chart of the both partners are assessed to generate the exact and best possible solutions for the problem of the progeny.

Mangalik dosha


Would like astrology solution for Manglik dosha? Astrologer offers mangal dosh remedies pre or post marriage The best Mangalik dosh nivaran solution from top astrologer Bengaluru is provided by Pandit Ji. When you're in affection & want to stay married the non-mangalik soul mate then it is necessary to remove the negative effects and doing some small pooja procedures.


Kundli dosha


The existence of doshas in horoscope will trigger various unfavorable conditions in your life such as work failures, wedding delays, marriage breakup, wedding divorce and money problems etc. J D Rao gives you astrological solutions for all the problems that may arise in your Kundli because of the opposing location of the planets.

Love Problem


Love problem seeking for astrology help? If you are also one who is craving for love and nee immediate help to solve all problems in life, do not worry Pandith J D Rao will make sure your life is content and happy with the astrological solutions he gives.




Pandith J D Rao is well known for his precise tarot readings, the result of the fantastic combination of Astro-Tarot power and influence, Numerology, vedic astrology-Fengshui. Through tarot cards he give you an insight of what's happening currently and predict your future.

Husband and wife


Husband wife conflict is very common all over the world. People here will get a solution to their problems. Our astrologer master is proud to resolve various conflicts and help stop family from being broken thus the peace and martial harmony is preserved.


Foreign tour


Would like to go abroad on a trip? Well, All Wants To. But not everybody gets a chance. So, our pandith Ji will benefit you go abroad. Pandith J D Rao’s astrology remedies are quite efficacious for foreign travel. You would be able to relocate/visit foreign within the shortest time possible if you take his advice.

Study problems


Pandith J D Rao offers you a solution to the problems of child study. He will advise you to wear different gemstones according to your child's sun sign, to see good results in a while and to make them incline towards studies


Court related


Cases of court or legal complications in people's lives arise in the horoscope because of some of the planetary equations. Pandit J D Rao number one astrologer in Bangalore provides excellent astrological remedies for disposing of legal proceedings so you can concentrate on your life.

Land problem


Pandit J D rao examines regarding land disputes arise and would let you understand exactly about the sort of cosmic Cause. As well as not that, but perhaps the most important thing you require-the remedy. He will also tell you if you're going to win or need to compromise, implying the least defeat if that's what the fate is.


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