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Janma Nakshatra Dosha-Astroanjaneya
  • 17 Jun, 2020

Amazing benefits of kanakapushyaragam (yellow sapphire) stone.


Nakshatras are very significant as it is generally acknowledged as Hindu Vedic Astrology, or Jyotishi. Nakshatra together with the 12 star signs have the power to determine the path of our living and everyone personality traits. It further implies they illustrate the great, bad and ugly spins in ones living. These all shifts can be healed by means of astrological solutions from a famous astrologer Bangalore.

When dosham is present, Nakshatra Shanti Homam is conducted for the new born, and also this Shanti is executed whenever the baby is born in Durmuhurtham, Grahanam, Amavasya, and Varjyam. Birth in some nakshatras forbade danger to the native, or one that was connected to him. In addition to the birth in danger Nakshatras leads to troubles which are visible at times, and hidden at times. In this respect one has to keep an open mind.

Brief insights about Nakshatra shanti

  • Performed for shanti nakshatra
  • All of nakshatra's Beneficial effects are obtained.
  • It alleviates the nakshatra's ill effects.
  • Carried out within 27 days after birth.
  • Main Deity: Devata Nakshatra, Shiva & Navagrahas.