Amazing benefits of kanakapushyaragam (yellow sapphire) stone.

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kanakapushyaragam -Astroanjaneya
  • 17 Jun, 2020

Amazing benefits of kanakapushyaragam (yellow sapphire) stone.


As we realize the planet Jupiter is among the largest bodies in the solar system and in the birth chart the most endearing planet which has a power in the context of astrology. The planet Jupiter implies philosophy and skills. This planet rules justice, journey, religion, offspring, income, and pilgrimage etc. Two houses govern the planet Jupiter that is Pisces and Sagittarius.

When the malefic planet weakens and afflicts the planet Jupiter it can bring indignity in life and can therefore even be deceitful. There are several instances when many people consider their lives are restricted because of the Jupiter affliction. Astrology and gemology have an assortment of remedial actions like Rudraksha, Mantra, Yantra, charity, Tantra and so on. In astrological facts the use of yellow sapphire which is also called kanakapushyaragam stone is also the prevailing custom.

This is one of its kind of gem that best fits almost everyone, so after seeking Bangalore’s best astrologer advice everyone must try this stone once during their lifespan. Even so, one must be aware about how to wear yellow sapphire or kanakapushyaragam stone appropriately and make use of all these advantages in life.
Ever since you wish to wear Yellow Sapphire, it is recommended that you make sure that Jupiter is placed favourably in one’s birth chart. Do not buy any gemstone without consulting a No.1 astrologer in Bangalore, since it can have a negative effect.